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If you know this secret message above, that means "MY TOP TEN FAVORITE GRAVITY FALLS MOMENTS". Now, moving on...

Gravity Falls, Disney's popular paranormal comedy cartoon show about the twins, Dipper and Mabel Pines, spending their summer with their "great uncle" or Grunkle Stan in the Mystery Shack, located at a mysterious town called Gravity Falls. When stranger stuff are lurking around the streets of Gravity Falls, it's up to the twins to uncover the mystery that surrounds this village. With mysterious creatures lurking per episode, a wide array of wacky characters, and a surreal fun storyline that begs to call it "the next Adventure Time" while some accidentally mistaken it as...well, Camp Lakebottom. Well, both of those feature strange stuff per episode on the contrary.

What's more bizarre that at the end of the episode, there's a secret message during the credits roll and those viewers really wanted to know what's that secret message means. Some in random letters, some are number messages, and yes, you get the idea.

This show has been around since its 2012 debut with 20 episodes, a handful of shorts ranging from Dipper's Guide to the Unexplained, Mabel's Guide To..., Fixin with Soos, and Mabel's Scrapbook, and the news of an imminent second season this summer. That's right, you hear it. There's a new season coming this summer and to celebrate the imminent return of the Mystery Twins, here are my 10 favorite Gravity Falls moments I have ever witnessed.

10) If you can have one video game character come to life and become your bodyguard, who will it be and why? That's the question that comes to mind when Dipper summoned a video game character named Rumble McSkirmish from Fight Fighters when he tried to use the so-called "ultimate power" combo. Originally, he wanted to have his video game character to give Robbie a good kicking but when bad things happened, it's up to Dipper to stop Rumble. Those video game references on it really got my inner geek going.

9) One of my favorite parts in the Bottomless Pit episode is the "Voice Over" part. Because Dipper has a humiliating voice, he's so humiliated, they're all making fun of him, especially when Soos made a techno remix out of it. Then, he encountered Old Man McGucket to get some help with his voice. By using one of Old Man McGucket's experiments, Dipper's voice sounds more manly but the situation is worse than he thought.

Party Mode!

8) Who wants a Lamby Lamby Lamby? I do! I do! In the episode "The Inconveniencing", in order for Dipper to save Mabel and a bunch of teenagers, including Wendy, he has to confront against the ghosts running amok from the abandoned convenience store. Those ghosts as it turned out to be an elderly couple died from a heart attack after being attacked by teenagers after banning them from the store. To do that, the ghosts asked him to do a funny dance and that's how Dipper got to do the Lamby Lamby Dance. With the costume set, he's doing the dance to please the ghosts, setting everyone free. Still a good moment to enjoy than getting high on Smile Dip that Mabel had. THE FUTURE IS IN THE PAST! ONWARDS, AOSHIMA!

7) In the "Double Dipper" episode, Dipper has a lot to do on his list while the Mystery Shack throws a wild party. He wants to spend the night with Wendy but complicated things set them apart until Dipper encounters a mysterious copy machine that makes copies of himself but sometimes, more isn't better because the Dipper copies are having a mind of their own. Like paper, the Dipper copy can get dissolved by anything liquid, even water.

6) Dipper may not be as manly as you are but in one episode, those Man-otaurs taught him to be more of a "man" rather than being a wimpy kid he is. The funniest moment I've ever seen on that episode is...wait a he listening to Icelandic pop sensation BABBA? Disco girl, coming through, that girl is you! (laughing) Looks like he's not the only one who listens to such girly songs because a mythical creature the Man-otaurs ordered Dipper to slay, known as the Multi-Bear, is one of them.

5) Quite possibly the ugliest Mabel Pines look you have ever seen in the episode titled "Boss Mabel" but it's probably one of my favorites...and possibly the funniest. In that episode, Grunkle Stan challenged Mabel to see who's better at managing the Shack while he's on a day-off, being a contestant of some game show. You might say that being a boss is all fun and games but when things gone haywire, great power comes with great responsibility. If you disagree, tell it to the complaints department...the trash bin kind of thing.

Best S.E.L.V.E.S.

4) Loser candy...those kinds of candies kids avoid every Halloween but here on Gravity Falls, Summerween is what happens when they combined Summer and Halloween together. In that episode, there's this monster called the Summerween Trickster, who turns out to be a monster made of "loser candy" and seeking revenge against picky children. Soos, the Gravity Falls equivalent of Spongebob's Patrick, ate the loser candy, pleasing the Trickster thinking that he liked those loser candy. In the end credits, Mabel's pet pig, Waddles, is the boss in his boss costume with some memes on it. I CAN HAS PROMOSHUN? NO PROMOSHUN. Wow, looks like we're pigged out.

3) The one with...Mabel got kissed by a merman. You know what I mean? In that episode, Mabel encountered a handsome guy in the pool who turned out to be a real merman who wanted to get out from the pool and back where he belongs.

I'm kinda sorry about that guy...

Reminds me of the prisoner from the Boysen commercial. Ha ha ha... ♫Habang buhay, ako sayo’y maghihintay…♫

2) This episode is Mabel Pines at its best when she and her friends, Grenda and Candy, got their hands on SEV'RAL TIMEZ, a boy band turned out to be genetically-engineered clones, while Dipper tries to prove Grunkle Stan's theory that Robbie's song contained a secret "mind control" message that hypnotized Wendy...and it takes rewinding it to find the answer. Oh come on, the one with the boy band clones Mabel and the pals taking advantage of is one of my favorite Gravity Falls moments yet, in fact it's so pretty funny, it almost tastes like...well, that one episode from Bob's Burgers where Tina and Louise went to the concert of a boy band and then the youngest member is what captured the eyes of Louise. I was just saying, okay?

1) Ain't no Freaky Friday but that body-swapping episode really punched my guts out when a mysterious carpet found at some vacant room caused Mabel and Dipper swapped bodies. In that episode, Dipper is so sick sharing the bedroom with Mabel and when they heard about a vacant room Grunkle Stan is talking about, Dipper and Mabel compete for that vacant room until this "Electron Carpet" turned the tables between them!

The craziest part is while Mabel is in Dipper's body, Grunkle Stan made him or her read a book called "WHY AM I SWEATY?". The reaction?

Goodbye, childhood!

There's a whole first season catch-up of Gravity Falls as well as all the shorts airing July 26 to July 27 on Disney XD while the first episode of the new season starts on August 1st on Disney Channel. Check local listings and don't miss it!

Oh and for verified users of the WATCH Disney XD app, you can watch the first two episodes of the new season of Gravity Falls on the day season 2 premieres!

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