Monday, June 2, 2014

Sewol Tragedy: SoKor's wanted fugitive - where is he?

Yoo Byung Eun, South Korea's most wanted fugitive who was allegedly to have ties to the operator of the sunken Sewol ferry, has eluded arrest for several weeks, leaving authorities having their head scratching where are the possible whereabouts of the wealthy Korean now targeted by the law. Because of his reluctance to appear in public; Byung-Eun is labeled as the "millionaire without a face". His children's whereabouts were also unknown.

Earlier this week, South Korean authorities put a bounty on Byung Eun's head, saying that the reward for information for the capture of this fugitive businessman has been raised by almost half a million dollars and about a hundred thousand dollars for the whereabouts of his eldest son.

Will justice prevail? It's a long road until South Koreans, mostly victims of the deadly maritime disaster, will speak up for the truth.


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