Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Cars of 2014 GTi Meeting

In case someone really missed the 2014 GTi Meeting last week, let's meet the cars as seen from this annual show hosted by the Volkswagen Group, showcasing how cool these VW group-derived machines are;

1. Audi A3 Clubsport Quattro Concept - This hyper concept sedan uses the A3 sedan as its basis and it features an unbelievable 5-cylinder TFSi engine developing a supercar-like 525HP of power output.

2. Seat Ibiza Cupster Concept - this concept convertible celebrates the Seat Ibiza's 30th anniversary and it uses the Ibiza CUPRA as its basis as well as rigged with a 180PS TSi engine and a DSG gearbox.

3. Skoda CitiJet Concept - This concept car uses the CitiGo minicar and it has no roof on it. It's now turned into a two-seater convertible for those who like to make an effort.

4. Skoda Yeti Extreme - Ain't no ordinary Skoda Yeti here but the Extreme concept shows how off-road worthy this SUV is by adding some rally-inspired looks that represents its tough character

5. Volkswagen Amarok Power Concept - This concept pickup based on the VW Amarok comes with its own party piece in the bed; a host of stereos and some DJ equipment that turns it into a mobile DJ for the party goers who like to throw a party without letting the neighbors know they're making some noise.

6. Volkswagen Golf GTi Wolfsburg Edition - This Golf VII GTi was tweaked by interns and it produces 380PS of power output.

7. VW Golf Variant Youngster 5000 - A group of six interns worked together to create a modified version of the Golf VII Variant straight from VW's Zwickau plant.

8. VW GTi Roadster Vision Gran Turismo - This is the star attraction of the show; Volkswagen's entry to GT6's Vision Gran Turismo concepts. It will be featured on Gran Turismo 6 this mid-June.

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