Monday, June 30, 2014

The Geekdom's Guide To: Friend Fiction

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A fan fiction is when a fan is making his or her own made-up story from one of his or her favorite show or band or whatever means necessary from his or her fandom but in a Bob's Burgers' episode called Bad Tina, Tina Belcher wrote her "erotic friend fiction" using people at school and zombies.

That episode gave us thinking...can we make our own friend fiction using people we know? Of course, perhaps the reason why it's called FRIEND FICTION is because you're making a made-up story using real people in a made-up situation you've created. It's just like that female character from Inception who played by Ellen Page...minus the inception...and the Ellen Page. Well, you get the idea but how to make a friend fiction?

To make a friend fiction, first all you need is some brainstorming before the inception of your own friend fiction. Picture your old school you've been since elementary or high school or whatever, then try to remember the real people you've recognized from your past. Let's say your old classmate, then your math teacher, or your science teacher, or whatever you know. With the location and the people in set, try to make up your own scenario of your own choosing but remember...try not to make it TOO FUNNY or you'll ruin it on your friends who wanted to read your friend fiction.

With all the right ingredients, it's like sugar, spice, and everything nice but accidentally added a chemical concoction called Chemical X and WHAM! BAM! POW! Your friend fiction is done! Of course, there are gazillion ways to create a friend fiction using real people and real places of your choosing but when it's done, be careful on the target audience because you have to rely on the people you trust more. If backstabbers try to blackmail you, it's like that Bob's Burgers episode you saw and you have to fight "friend fiction" with "friend fiction" that is way more weirder than your last one.

So there you go, if you want to make a friend fiction of your own just like Tina, don't hesitate to do it because it's just for fun.

And that concludes The Geekdom's Guide to Friend Fiction...

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