Thursday, June 19, 2014

Top Gear USA: 80's Power

The boys of Top Gear USA are reminiscing the VHS era by finding out which of the 80's cars is the best for five grand. For Tanner, he goes for the super-cool V8-powered Chevy Camaro IROC while Rut goes for the JDM Toyota MR2, and Adam opts for the Buick Grand National. Annoyingly, Adam just cheated for this car because he spent 15 grand on it!

In the first challenge, the boys are wearing suits covered in popping candy that pops when splashed with water. The cars are in the car wash and it demonstrates how durable the 80's car can be. In the end of the first challenge, looks like the cheater in the cheating Buick had won.

The next challenge involves how close these 80's car can get to the claimed top speed. The Buick's top speed is an electronically limited 124mph while the Chevy is 115mph and the MR2 is 130mph. For Rut, the closest he can get on his MR2 is somewhere at 100mph. Then, it's Tanner's turn and he done it in 110mph. Lastly, it's Adam and he learned that cheaters never prosper. He may have the fast car but mechanical failures blown Adam and his car away.

After that, Tanner and Rut went to Willow Springs for the next challenge. They have to race through the course before the passenger's doing 80's stuff. Tanner has to beat someone with the Rubik's cube while Rut tries to beat against a lady rewinding her cassette tape. It's a close call but Rut and the MR2 wins.

With the score levelled with one point each, they're now facing a final challenge courtesy of special guest, Lou Ferrigno, an 80's celeb. The final test is "car sumo", testing the car's brute strength. In that match, Adam was the overall winner but since he cheated buying the Buick, he's disqualified; giving Tanner the keys to the Ferrari F12berlinetta.

Tanner finally enjoyed driving the Ferrari F12 and he even got a chance to drift alongside a Chevy Camaro race car.

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