Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Top Gear USA: Desert Trailblazers

The boys of Top Gear USA are on an off-road adventure of a lifetime as they find out if they can find the Grand Canyon without the help of navigation systems.

Tanner goes for the Land Rover Discovery LR4 while Rut's in a more Japanese-y Toyota FJ Cruiser, an offroad classic no longer offered on the US market, and Adam went for the AEV Brute, a Jeep Wrangler converted into a pickup truck.

They have two days to demonstrate their offroaders' natural capabilities in search of the Grand Canyon with their wits.

From crazy terrains over crazy situations, this perilous journey to the Grand Canyon has been quite an enjoyable one but at the race to the canyon, the Brute came first. The Brute came to the canyon first but it all ends when all three raced through the cargo plane and jumped in safely.

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