Thursday, June 26, 2014

Top Gear USA: Snow Show

The boys of Top Gear had no time to "Let it Go" in this frozen episode about snows and a school bus as they're on a mission to create a school bus snow plough, usable on imminent winter storms. Using a Chevy short bus as the foundation, Tanner's idea involves performance while Rut wants close-range snow removal and Adam prefers some long-range snow removal.

With their ideas, the ultimate snow plough school bus was born but only one idea will stand out from their creation. With Rut's plowing idea failed and Adam's long range snow clearing ideas went kaput, Tanner's performance idea is the winner and...

Tanner gets to put the Nissan GT-R in the race against the Arctic snowmobile at the snow-covered Wyoming.

At the end of this frozen face-off, looks like the GT-R came second with the snowmobile blitzing through the finish line.

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