Monday, June 30, 2014

Wow Mali! - June 29, 2014

On the June 29, 2014 episode of Wow Mali!

- NAWAWALANG BANGKAY - This grave's going to take you to the grave!

- ULILANG BIIK - A detective tries to investigate the death of the piglet's mom.

- STAR DANCER - Lady needs a lift to get her money...turns out she's just a dancer.

- COMMERCIALS FU - HABA NG HAIR - In the new segment, Commercials Fu, Mr. Fu combines commercial spoofs with some classic Wow Mali good time. On this episode...this portion is brought to you by RICHOICE!

- NAKITA NYO SYA? - Excuse me but...have you seen my kid?

- ISA NA LANG, TATAKBO NA - Room for one more? Because we're moving! Not the jeep! Us!

- EMOTE CONTROL - ANG DRAMA MO - On this episode's Emote Control, a celebrity takes a dramatic stance seriously.

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