Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Audi S3 Sedan and S3 Cabriolet (Typ 8V)

The hatchback versions of the latest Audi S3, in 3-door and 5-door Sportback models, maybe more of a competitor's luck in the hot hatch combat where history decides the winner but even though they're hot in their performance, they're not quite civilized in the day-to-day traffic especially when it comes with quattro all wheel drive system. Now, while there are S3 hatches offered for hot hatch enthusiasts, there are now four kinds of S3 models to choose from while the other two are so in a different league right now.

2015 Audi S3 Cabriolet
2015 Audi S3 Sedan

Call them different but these two new S3 models, the S3 Cabriolet and the all-new S3 Sedan, are here to showcase that even though they're not classified as the same hatchback status as the normal ones, they can still have the guts to be in the S3 family...but the only thing is, I really don't hold much hope.

The S3 Sedan version costs 40,400 Euros but the optional S tronic double clutch gearbox model will charge you 1,900 Euros more while the S3 Cabriolet costs a more expensive 48,500 Euros and it's available exclusively with the same S tronic double clutch gearbox as the saloon model.

Like the hatchback equivalents, both the S3 sedan and cabrio is powered by a 2.0L turbo engine develops over 300HP of power and 280lb-ft of torque. With the s tronic equipped, the sedan version can get a 0-100kph time of 4.9 seconds while the cabriolet version can get up to 100kph in a pedestrian 5.4 seconds. Why? Because the Cabriolet version is the heaviest of the S3 range because of too much stiffening like most convertibles do, that's why it's slower even though they bought have the same engine and the same gearbox. Don't ask...

Because the S3 sedan and Cabriolet, like its hatchback equivalents, do come with quattro all wheel drive, most of the power goes to the rear axle via a Haldex clutch. That sounds chunky and sounds clever. When you get round the corner, it feels a bit okay but not quite as good as any other hot hatches tuned for nimble performance. You can get too grumpy when you take it seriously and that's an endless struggle to survive from the corner because of its weight from the all wheel drive malarkey. Mind you, this is built entirely from Volkswagen's MQB platform so this is becoming more of a drama class right now despite the use of the company's expendable platform.

With the new S3 sedan and the new S3 cabriolet, you can put your fate in these four S3 models; from the 3-door, 5-door Sportback, 4-door sedan, and the two-door open-top cabriolet. What comes next? The world will never know...

Photo: Audi AG

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