Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Get to know about The 7D!

The 7D

In case you missed it, Disney XD's new cartoon series, The 7D, was recently aired its first episode. Much obliged to forget about the seven dwarves we knew from the story of Snow White, The 7D is made for just one thing; to forget about everything you knew about the seven dwarves ever again. Ordered by the Queen Delightful of Jollywood, The 7D are here to save the day from troubles, especially against the evil crutches of the Glooms (that's Hildy and Grimm).

Let's get to know about The 7D from their brand new show now on air on Disney XD!

Sleepy - This fella's so sleepy, he can't finish a dream without nodding his head off. When the sandman visits him, he brings...a dump truck. His snores are so loud, they frightened thunder. Sheep count him to go to sleep.

Sneezy - Pepper is terrified of him. His sneezes will blow you away. No, seriously. Stand back. When he goes achoo, all countries say gesundheit. His last sneeze became a dance craze. He onced sneezed at the beach and formed a sand castle. 2,000 sand crabs lived there now.

Happy - If you'd fell off a cliff, he'd admire the view. He's happy and he knows it. Clap your hands. Legend has it, he even made Grumpy smile...barely.

Dopey - A dwarf of many words and all of them (whistling). Dopey is so cute, he makes puppies go awww. His favorite food is whatever you're eating. Dopey has so many pets a zookeeper would be jealous. A skunk named (wolf whistle), a snake named (hisses then whistle), and a bear named (roars).

Doc - He is so smart, he can recite the alphabet backwards and upside down. Currently, he's writing a book called "The History of The Future". He's that smart. He daydreams in Latin. He once divided the circumference of the Jack-o-Lantern by its diameter and he made pumpkin pie. It was delicious.

Bashful - When he plays Hide and Seek, he can't even find himself. He's so good at blending in, chameleons come to him for advice. He's so shy as own parents haven't met him yet. He plays extreme peekaboo. He's not only scared of his shadow, his shadow is scared of other shadows and think about it. He's that scared.

Grumpy - This guy is so grumpy, he can bust a pinata by just looking at it. He can pop balloons with a single glance. He smiled once just to see what it felt like. He didn't like it. He invented Cranky Pants.

In short...just like the theme song goes...Happy's songs are always sunny, Sneezy's nose is always runny, Dopey's gags are always funny, Bashful's shy, Doc's bright, Sleepy snoozes day and night, and Grumpy's wound a bit too tight. It's Hi-Ho for The 7D!

The 7D airs on Disney XD, check local listings. And be sure to play with The 7D Mine Train available on the App Store. Hi-Ho!

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