Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Let's Do The News! (July 29, 2014)

The big scoop today...

- Ever wonder why William Shatner appeared at the 2014 SDCC in a wheelchair? The 83-year-old actor said, "I wrecked my leg on a horse".

- Actress Sandra Bullock celebrated her 50th birthday in Wyoming. She maybe middle-aged but her beauty as an actress is still ageless.

- Yesterday's SONA from Philippine President Benigno Aquino III has met with mixed reviews. Some are praised while others remained skeptical and some were dismayed. One of the biggest questions left untold is the concern of the Freedom of Information.

- A new road warrior is born as the latest trailer of the upcoming post-nuclear survival action flick, Mad Max Fury Road, shows up with the new Mad Max actor, Tom Hardy.

- The 2014 Pokemon World Championships is happening on the 15th to 17th of August, 2014, at Washington, D.C., and visitors can get their very own Lv. 50 Aegislash armed with an egg move called Wide Guard. A Pokemon X or Pokemon Y 3DS game is required to claim this royal sword Ghost-and-Steel-type Pokemon.

- SOME SAY: Toyota's Scion brand will be making a major overhaul as the Corolla Rumion-based xB and the iQ mini hatch will be removed from the lineup and in place, an Auris-based model and a new model based on the fourth-generation Mazda Demio. The FR-S is due for its regeneration in 2017.

Scion FR-S

- The US Government warned that the Russian Government has violated the missile treaty.

- The Israeli Government warns of a "prolonged" war conflicts on the Gaza Strip.

.- Along with the 2014MY Falcon XR8, Ford Australia is giving their Australian-made Territory SUV a final hurrah by presenting its 2014MY update. The Falcon G6E model is announced.

2015 Ford Territory
2014 Ford Territory


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