Saturday, July 5, 2014

Mirabella finale

Previously on Mirabella, after Bella was exposed to the public as Mira (Julia Barretto), after Alfred (James Blanco) apologized Mira for all his wrongdoings and accepts her as his real daughter, and after Olive (Mylene Dizon) shot her daughter Iris during a conflict against Mira and Alfred...sacrifices must be done for Mira to save Iris, her longtime rival.

In the finale, it was the time for sacrifice and the time for forgiveness and as Mira's life is struggling after saving Iris and after Olive apologized to Mira...she had a dream that she saw her mother, Daisy. Mira wanted to reunite with her mother but her mother said that she has to go back to her world because...Mira has so much to do with her life and with Mira's revived...the curse has finally broken and reverts to her beautiful self again.

With Mira back at being her beautiful self again, things are back to normal and the finale ends when Mira turned 18 years old and it was her debut.

This is the beautiful ending of Mirabella.

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