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Seat Leon Mk3 Cupra

2015 Seat Leon Cupra

Over the years, SEAT is nothing more than cheap VWs in disguise even though the fact is that it's a division of the Volkswagen Group. Of course, today's Leon Mk3 is typically a VW Golf in Spanish flea but that doesn't stop them from having one of these on the roads because of its new MQB platform that you can now find it in most models from the VW Group.

Thanks to the success of VW's hot Golf models, the GTi and the R, they prompted Seat to make their own version of those hot Golfs using the Leon and here's the result: the new Leon Cupra, a hotter version of the Leon Cupra that looks more like a normal Leon but with the added superiority and firepower of a hot hatch.

Starting at 27,800 Euros for the 3-door SC model and 28,150 Euros for the 5-door model, you can hardly see you have choices to make between these two and when you decide your fate between these two, you can choose which setup your Leon Cupra will have. The 2.0 TSi engine with dual injection and variable camshaft timing can deliver either a 265PS or 280PS. 265PS of power is fine but for those looking for a challenge would go for the 280PS version. Yes, Your fate would most likely go for the Leon Cupra 280 model. Why? Not only it's the most powerful Seat ever made, it's one of the quickest hot hatches money can buy because it went round the Nurburgring at 7:58.44. With all that power, aerodynamics, and the use of VW's MQB platform, the Leon Cupra sets standards in the hot hatch combat.

2015 Seat Leon Cupra interior
Although the Leon Cupra is now an ordinary Golf faux-simile transformed into a track-ready hot hatch honed to take on the world, I'm afraid that this is not one of the most sophisticated cars to drive on a normal city streets. Because the suspension is all stiffened to the brink of having a driver some serious osteoporosis, it's becoming more difficult to keep it comfortable and when you drive it to the potholes while holding a cup of coffee on the cup holder with no cover on it, there's going to be some massive spillage. If you have a double-clutch gearbox on the Cupra 280 model, it doesn't feel as enjoyable as the manual gearbox. It will just spoil your fun more than the hot Renault Clio.

I know, it's not all cruising on the streets but when you take it on the open road and on the track, the Cupra shines through and while taking advantage of its dynamic chassis control, it feels more critical and a bit dramatic when it sees a corners and with the front-axle diff lock, the grip is mild and menacing. As mild as...mild lyrics from your favorite song.

2015 Seat Leon Cupra

2015 Seat Leon Cupra
So, would you credited for the new Leon Cupra? Well, it's less expensive than the VW Golf GTi and with that pricing, the Leon Cupra is a track weapon because of its Nurburgring lap time and its uncanny agility only works on track day but as a daily driver's car, it's not solely recommended and if you have a family of your own, ditch that car for a less attractive people mover. It's your fate, drivers. You need a track-day car? Here's one.

Available colors: Negro Universo, Dynamic, Rojo EmociĆ³n, Plata Estrella, Blanco Nevada, Gris Pirineos.

Photo: SEAT, S.A

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