Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Remixes Collection THE IDOLM@STER TO D@NCE TO

The Remixes Collection

While most of the iM@S fans in Japan are waiting for the 9th anniversary concert and as THE iDOLM@STER series is almost reaching its 10th birthday next year, wow, can't believe they're almost nearing its milestone since its inception. Anyway, as this series is gonna be 10 next year, the folks from Nippon Columbia is proudly present all the producers out there with this special remix compilation called "The Remixes Collection THE IDOLM@STER TO D@NCE TO". Most of the iM@S' greatest hits are handpicked to get the remix treatment and they're all remixed by some of the finest remixes in Bandai Namco history. Most of the iM@S remixes were done by the blokes involved in other great Namco games like Ridge Racer and Tekken.

13 remixed tracks will surely get you revved up for your 765 Production cravings and I'm sure most producers don't mind having one in their CD collection full of idol stuff.

01 IDOLM@STER -Rio Hamamoto Remix-
02 まっすぐ -Ryo Watanabe Remix-
03 Mythmaker -Taku Inoue Remix-
04 KisS -Hiroyuki Kawada Remix-
05 乙女よ大志を抱け!! -Takafumi Sato Remix-
06 キミはメロディ -AJURIKA Remix-
07 my song -LindaAI-Cue Remix-
08 蒼い鳥 -Taku Inoue Remix-
09 GO MY WAY!! -ESTi Remix-
10 スタ→トスタ→ -AJURIKA Remix-
11 shiny smile -百引一 Remix-
12 キラメキラリ –おおくぼひろし Remix-
13 魔法をかけて! -Ryo Watanabe Remix-

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