Friday, July 4, 2014

Top Gear USA: Off Road Big Rigs

The boys of Top Gear USA are taking on two of the most dangerous jobs in the USA at the same time as Adam, Tanner, and Rut are given keys to a logging truck while tacking hauling and logging simultaneously at the Pacific Northwest region of America. The winner is someone with the least mistakes on mastering the logging truck while carrying the most remaining timbers left. Now this is got to be one of the most treacherous challenge yet. Tanner's in the quick Peterbilt Long Nose, Adam's in the strong Kenworth Mule Train, and Rut's in the old Kenworth Long Nose.

First is the narrow test and they have to cross the narrow path without hitting the pole from the top. With Adam hit the pole, Rut didn't made it to the target speed, and Tanner got's a draw.

Last before the real challenge, the braking test to demonstrate the truck's stopping power from 40mph to 0mph. In the end...looks like Adam's stopping power is worthless and Rut still got his trucking skills from last time as his stopping power of his Kenworth is better.

The next day...the mission begins as the boys are driving their trucks to pick up their timbers and deliver to the target area with the least mistakes. With tight corners, some traffic, harsh road conditions, and the unpredictable weather, expect the unexpected.

After numerous miles of survival and with Rut committed one mistake by accidentally hitting a vehicle while in the suburbs, Adam and Tanner made it to the target area and speaking of Rut...looks like he got downgraded to a Ford Bronco!

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