Thursday, July 10, 2014

Toyota Crown hybrid models gain 4WD

2015 Toyota Crown Majesta

2015 Toyota Crown Athlete

2015 Toyota Crown Royal

All hybrid models of the Toyota Crown range, the Royal, the Athlete, and the flagship Majesta, have gained four-wheel drive system. This is the first time Toyota has a 4WD hybrid saloon in their lineup.

Both the Royal and the Athlete hybrid models come with the 2.5L 4-cylinder 2AR-FSE engine connected to an electric motor and nickel metal battery, the same as the one from the Lexus IS, while the Majesta model comes with the 3.5L V6 engine bolted with an electric motor and a nickel metal battery, same as the Lexus GS. With the 4WD system, these Crown models provide better stability and better traction on slippery surfaces, as a theory. Fuel economy for the Royal and Athlete returns at 21km/L while it's 19km/L for the Majesta model.

Pricing is now adjusted so the Crown Royal now costs 3,630,857 up to 5,729,143 Japanese Yen (around $36,400 to $57,300) while the Crown Athlete now costs 3,672,000 up to 5,806,963 Japanese Yen (around $37,000 to $58,100) and the Crown Majesta now costs 6,274,286 to 6,891,428 Japanese Yen (around $63,000 to $69,000).


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