Sunday, August 31, 2014

Doctor Who S08E02

Doctor Who S08E02

A bad Dalek turned good...That was quite an unexpected turn for this episode titled "Into The Dalek" and for The Doctor and Clara, along with the help of a female soldier named Journey Blue (played by special guest Zawe Ashton), they CAN make a good Dalek. I know, the words "Dalek" and "good" are not the two words that fit in the same sentence but that turned out to be a good thing for this episode.

Journeying through the inside of the Dalek is definitely one of the most dangerous attempts ever witnessed but for that kind of situation, there is no other choice.

I was quite impressed to see the first appearance of a new character named Danny Pink, played by Samuel Anderson.

What made me bizarre is that female character from the previous episode making a comeback. Who is she? We don't know but they're currently investigating about this mystery character...

Here's the BTS from this episode:

And here's what to expect on next week's episode:

Another new clothes for The Doctor?! Robin Hood? A robot terrorizing Sherwood? That's what to expect next week...

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