Monday, August 25, 2014

F1 2014: Belgian GP

Looks like the rookie come first at the end of the grueling Belgian GP of the Formula One 2014 season held at the extremely-challenging Spa-Francorchamps, where F1 aces from all over the globe trying to hone their skills while surviving the twists and turns of one of Europe's finest racetracks regardless of ranks. Despite Nico Rosberg's qualifying pole position, the rookie of Red Bull Racing, Daniel Ricciardo, snagged the checkered flag for the win! That leaves Mercedes' Rosberg to 2nd place and Valtteri Bottas from Williams in 3rd place.

In the Driver's tally, Rosberg's still hanging in his top position at 220 points while teammate and rival Lewis Hamilton still in 2nd place at 191 points. Red Bull's Ricciardo managed to maintained his 3rd spot in 156 points.

The next race will be at Italy this September 7th.

Report: Formula 1
Image: Top Gear

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