Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Gotta Get Ready For The Next Battle?! Pokken announced

Pokken Tournament

Pocket Monsters (or PokeMon from all over the world), a famed video game franchise loved by kids from all ages worldwide since 1996. Tekken, one of Namco's flagship titles which involves hardcore fistfights and white-knuckle thrills and this franchise is on its 20th birthday this year.

PokeMon and Tekken, not two words you often hear in the same sentence and that's because PokeMon are targeted for the little kids while Tekken are targeted for the grownups who love fighting games and it's gonna be a good thing because last night, Bandai Namco Games collaborated with Nintendo and The PokeMon Company to create next year's arcade fighting game featuring some of the roughest and toughest PokeMon assembled and it's forged by the creators of the Tekken and Soul series. What do you get? Pokken Tournament.

Like it said, this arcade fighting game is set for its 2015 debut and it's targeted for PokeMon fans in their 20's. We're not sure if this is going to be a Japan-exclusive arcade game like the PokeMon Tretta but still, PokeMon fans are surely "ready for the next battle".

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