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Kia All New Sorento (UM)

2015 Kia Sorento

The Kia Sorento is now on its third-generation and the Korean carmaker says that this new model is moving upmarket with its new features that makes this new model a class ahead from its rivals. I was surprised by this one but I want further explanation about the latest generation. Without further ado, let's investigate what's what...

Okay, now tell me. What's new?

Well, this is a totally new model just like the Hyundai Santa Fe DM two years ago but unlike the Santa Fe, the new Sorento has a clean muscular design that really stands out more than its previous model. Looks like its image of being a crossover has now been sharpened to give you a glimpse of the future ahead from the Korean carmaker. However, sharp-eyed spotters might think that the new rear design looks more like a Toyota S#q#### . (Sorry, vowels blocked for search engine reasons)


Well, the new model is now bigger than its previous model. You can see that the new Sorento has gained 95mm of length and 5mm of width but the height has dropped from the previous model's 1,700mm to 1,685mm. Thanks to its added length, the All New Sorento has a wheelbase of 2,780mm, 80mm more than the last one.

What's it like inside?

2015 Kia Sorento interior

2015 Kia Sorento interior

In the previous model, the interior looks okay but it can be somewhat lacking. On the new model, its "bold and premium" character really pulled it off and this new interior really does suit its personality very well. Because it can fit up to seven people, the new Sorento really suits well as a family car for everyday use. If there are any downsides, I believe that the 3rd row seats doesn't have enough room but no matter.

You can also expect a wide variety of conveniences such as the heated/cooled seats, cluster ionizer, heated steering wheel, wide panorama sunroof, smart tailgate, UVO 2.0 eServices, JBL sound system, and so much more to bring out the best for its premium taste.

Did you know that you can fold the 2nd and 3rd row seats for added luggage capacity that is fit enough for factory-fresh shipments the clients awaiting for these? This car supposed so...

Hey, there's something new about that body, right?

Oh, you're right. I almost forgot. The new model is now constructed from Advanced High Strength Steel that has 60kg of tensile strength but it's 10% lighter than the last one. It also comes more than twice as much of ultra-strong hot-stamped steel than the last one, by about 10.1%, sharply strengthening the pillars.

What's it like to drive?

2015 Kia Sorento

The new model now matches the same level of driving from its European counterparts...well, almost. For engine choices, it still retains the same diesel-only lineup as the last one. It comes with a 2.0L 4-cylinder and 2.2 4-cylinder. The 2.0L diesel produces 186PS of power and 402Nm of torque. Fuel economy is about 13.5km/L if you would go for the 2WD model. The 2.2L diesel, on the other hand, delivers 202PS of power, 441Nm of torque, and 13.4km/L of fuel economy, should you go for the 2WD model. Both of these engines are bolted to a 6-speed automatic gearbox.

It still comes with a not-so-bad fully-independent suspension setup but with some minor alterations. On the rear multi-link suspension, the subframe has gained bigger bushings to better isolate it from the interior and the larger shock absorbers have been mounted vertically behind the axle line to enhance body control motion. That all seems fine but because it comes with a brand new electric motor-driven power steering system, it's starting to get more responsive and more agile than the last one while retaining its ride quality most luxury SUVs have.

It's a good thing it doesn't feel as cheap as a second-hand Korean SUV from the last decade but still, the best of Europe are still edging on such competition and the new Sorento tries to brave through this obstacle like handicapped darts.

Should I buy one?

The new Sorento is now priced from 2.765 million Korean Won up to 3.685 Korean Won (around $28,000 to $36,300) so not only it's becoming more affordable to own than the previous model, it's affordable to own than the Hyundai Santa Fe but that's only for the entry-level model. For a top tip, you can have this than the Hyundai Grandeur diesel because why? It has more room, more seats, and it has 4WD optional. The Grandeur doesn't have that so this can be a decent chauffeur-driven car if you're a celebrity or a politician of a certain province.

Available colors: Snow White Pearl, Silky Silver, Imperial Bronze, Metal Stream, Platinum Graphite, and Aurora Black Pearl.

Photo: Kia Motors Corporation

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