Friday, August 15, 2014

Let's Do The News! (August 15, 2014)

The big scoop today...

- Pope Francis' visit to South Korea will conduct a special mass for the "peace and reconciliation" of the two Koreas, the North Korea and the South Korea.

- The PokeMon ORAS unveils continues as for the first time, a Unova Pokemon gets the Mega Evolution treatment. We're talking about Audino, of course!

Mega Audino

- A Philippine lawmaker wants further investigation on the smuggling of luxury cars in Mindanao. Based on the report, over P150 million worth of luxury cars passed through the ports of Cagayan de Oro and sub-ports of Misamis Oriental and Ozamis City before transported to Manila.

- A tragedy struck at Greenhills as a car dropped from the third-level of the parking area after a driver suffered a heart attack, wrecking two vehicles parked on the ground.

- There's going to be a update coming soon on the PS3-exclusive Ace Combat Infinity Free-2-Play flight shooting game and for that, a scheduled maintenance will happen next week. Could it be the Round Table update as teased after clearing the Avalon mission? Also, before the service maintenance, it's your last chance to take on the Moby Dick Pursuit special raid missions!

- It is revealed that the late Robin Williams had suffered Parkinson's disease.

- Check out highlights from their Sydney tour of the Doctor Who World Tour! Aussies love Doctor Who!


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