Friday, August 22, 2014

Let's Do The News (August 22, 2014)

The big scoop today...

- Last Tuesday, seven tourism students from the Bulacan State University were died after being drowned to death by a flash flood at the Madlum River while taking part of the field trip. On Friday, students of the BSU will be wearing black to mourn the death of the seven tourism students.

- 51 Overseas Filipino Workers from Libya have finally returned back to the Philippines. The OWWA will strive to give support from the government to those OFWs fleeing from a war-struck Libya.

- A Filipino seaman from Togo, West Africa, undergoes Ebola tests.

- BRAINIACS TAKE NOTICE: Can you drift a car while being electrocuted by a taser?! The Hoonigan sent Chris Forsberg to do the job as he tries to drift a car while being tasered.

- The Court of Appeals put a stop on the refunds for overpriced text messages from telecoms such as Smart and Globe.

- Good Smile Company's Phat Company subdivision revealed a brand new iDOLM@STER scale figure and it's Miki Hoshii! The folks trying to replicate the 765 Productions idols' posing from their anime DVD/Blu-Ray cover just like you saw from Yayoi, Hibiki, and Iori. This is the fourth addition to their lineup. Available early next year, she's priced at 7,400 Yen (plus tax).

Phat! Company scale-figure Miki Hoshii

- Porsche reportedly prioritizing a 200,000-unit sales target rather than just limiting their production numbers for exclusivity reasons.

- BMW shows off their F15 X5 Security armored luxury utility vehicle at this year's Moscow Motor Show. Based on the X5 F15, this armored model meets the VR6 standard of ballistic protection, perfect enough to survive war zones...well, as a theory.

BMW X5 Security Plus
BMW X5 Security

- Despite air strikes launched by the US Government, the Iraqi government is struggling to have their own air force. US President Barack Obama told Reuters that he don't want the nation's military to become Iraq's air force but there's a little alternative for this.

- SweetyHigh's SweetBeatTV takes us for an interview with Heffron Drive's Kendall Schmidt and Dustin Belt as they talk about their upcoming debut album titled Happy Mistakes!

- The Bravest Warriors Catbug's Treasure Book is now available! Published by VIZ Media;s Perfect Square imprint, this 108-page book takes us to the world in Catbug's own eyes.

Catbug's Treasure Book


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