Monday, August 25, 2014

Let's Do The News! (August 25, 2014)

The big scoop today...

- There was a mass protest going on at Luneta as thousands of people are rallying against the PDAF and term extension of elected officials. They've even started signing a "people's initiative" against the PDAF at the Quirino Grandstand. It's not just ordinary people that joined the protest, even high-profile celebs like former beauty queen Ma. Isabel Lopez as well as famed rock band Kamikazee.

- The 2014 CAMPI Philippine International Motor Show starts this September 18 up to September 21, 2014, at the World Trade Center, Manila. The Philippines' most exciting motor returns with even more surprises for the motoring public!

- Metro Manila's water distributors are on an alarming rate ever since most of the water from the Angat Dam in Bulacan was release despite its below normal water levels. They said that the dam had violated the protocol that water must be released at the normal water level of 180 meters above sea level.

- The leader of Thailand's coup d'etat, General Prayuth Chanocha, is named as the new Prime Minister of this country following a royal endorsement from the country's monarch. He accepted a royal command issued by King Bhumibol Adulyadej certifying his appointment as the 29th premier of Thailand. Prayuth will be retiring from his military duty next month and until then, he will hold both posts.

- A PNR train got derailed from its tracks at Altura St., Sta. Mesa, Manila. Luckily, no casualties were reported.

- Multiple car bomb explosions on Saturday killed 22 people and injured 135 others in the Kurdish autonomous region of Iraq. These car bombs were detonated in three locations in Kirkuk while the next blast occurred in Arbil, destroying a parked car. It is believed to be carried out by the ISIS militants.

- US Journalist, Peter Theo Curtis, the one who was abducted by Islam extremists in Syria two years ago, has been freed.

- FOX ADHD streamed us a funny animated skit in their new SONGS YOU DIDN'T KNOW HAD LYRICS segment. Here comes Super Mario and Yoshi in this funny clip from FOX ADHD. (STOP: The following clip has stuff not suitable for all audiences. Strong Parental Guidance is Advised.)


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