Friday, August 29, 2014

Mazda Flair (2015 minor model change)

2015 Mazda Flair

2015 Mazda Flair Custom Style

Following with the launch of the 2015 Suzuki Wagon R facelift which includes its brand new fuel-saving "S-ENE CHARGE" feature that propels its fuel economy up to 32.4kmpl, beating the likes of the Daihatsu Move and the Mitsubishi eK Wagon, it looks like the Mazda equivalent, the Flair, won't be far behind because, like the Wagon R it was based on, the 2015MY minor minor change sees the Flair, along with its Custom Style model, receiving the same S-ENE CHARGE feature.

2015 Mazda Flair interior

2015 Mazda Flair Custom Style interior

If you're new here, let me get this straight; S-ENE CHARGE is basically an improvement of the ENE-CHARGE and it takes  full use of the lithium-ion battery and the Integrated Starter Generator while joining forces with the improved R06A engine. The ISG provides a motor assist during acceleration and during deceleration, it stores some of its electric power.

With S-ENE CHARGE, the 2015 Flair's fuel economy has improved to 32.4km/L on the JC08 Mode scale.

Not only the fuel economy that stands out from the rest but it's loaded with safety features such as the very clever Radar Brake Support, a special feature that prevents unintended acceleration, a big issue that was faced with millions of drivers in history, an Emergency Stop Signal that warns drivers from behind, ESP, and so much more.

Prices start from 1,166,400 Japanese Yen up to 1,737,720 Japanese Yen. Customers can even afford one with or without S-ENE CHARGE but just like the Wagon R, there are differences to these models because on the normal Flair, you can afford an entry-level model with a 5-speed manual gearbox exclusive to this model while on the Flair Custom Style, the 660cc turbocharged engine is available exclusively for that model.


Photo: Mazda Motor Corporation

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