Friday, August 8, 2014

The Cute Wall (Volume One)

You're here? Good. Now last year in my blog, I tried a segment called HOW CUTE IS YOUR CHARACTER, finding out which cute character will be considered as VERY CUTE. I listed ten cute characters and they're facing three cute tests; getting kissed, getting hugged and one-on-one against Phineas and Ferb's Isabella. Mog from the Final Fantasy games, Adipose from Doctor Who, BMO from Adventure Time, Mokona from Tsubasa, there are many others took my challenge but in the end...thanks to her super-gross look, Mabel from Gravity Falls took the top podium. Now, there are so many cute characters wanting to find out how cute are they and this looks like a new segment coming up! This is going to be more than I can chew on my security blanket...

Welcome to THE CUTE WALL. Like Top Gear's Cool Wall, except this wall is made to measure a cute character's, well, cuteness from Seriously Not Cute, Not Cute, Cute, and Nakakagigil. Well, I don't know what that word is because it's Tagalog for something but you get the idea. Let the search for the cutest begin and I'll have my security blanket ready so my lips can bite on it... What? It's what I do while sleeping!


So, my first ever Cute Wall begins with Pikachu. Last year, I measured Pikachu's cuteness to VERY CUTE. As cute as Catbug but not as cute as Mokona's so with further consideration, let's put Pikachu on...Nakakagigil. Well done, Pikachu. You are the first to be on my Cute Wall. Now, where was I? Oh yes!

Pikachu is one of the electric-types but there are some Electric-types who are way cuter than Pikachu. Hey hey hey! I'm expecting rivalries!

First up, it's the evolved form, Raichu. 


In the first series, Ash and Pikachu takes on Vermillion Gym Leader Lt. Surge and his Raichu. I'm sure most 90's kids probably remember this stuff right? As I read through the Pokemon Handbook, there was a PokeDex Pick on Raichu's page stating that there are some Pikachu that are content with its personalities and refused to be evolved into Raichu via Thunder Stone. Well, I kinda agree that Pikachu's too cute to turn into a more powerful but rather disgust Raichu.

(audience laughing)

Here's one for you, if you have a Pikachu, keep it. Need Raichu? Get yourself another Pikachu or this...


Yes. You guessed it. That's the pre-evolved form of Pikachu. It's called Pichu! Get this one hatched by an egg provided by either Pikachus or Raichus depending on genders and you can score these cute little critters. So, let's remember. Our little Pikachu's in the nakakagigil position so where will its evolved form and its pre-evolved form sit at? Hmmm...There's one major solution to that...

(audience laughing)

Seriously Not Cute. Yep. Raichu's SERIOUSLY NOT CUTE. Pikachu's right but what about Pichu? Is Pichu way cuter than Pikachu? Nope? Looks like Pikachu's not sure about it, maybe Pichu should be going to CUTE for a while. Ha ha ha... But there are some single-stage electric Pokemons joining the fray!

From Pokemon Advanced, it's Plusle and Minun. With the Plus and Minus abilities joined forces, these two are in for a serious treat.

Plusle and Minun

From Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, it's Pachirisu. Dawn has one, and so do you.


From Pokemon Black and White, it's Emolga. One of Iris' favorite Pokemon since her Axew.


And from Pokemon The Series XY, it's Dedenne. Probably one of the tiniest.


Oh my gosh. Every generation has an adorable Electric type but will they be enough to be as cute as Pikachu's? Time for a little nursery rhyme-ish ditty...

The Plusle goes "Plus!". The Minun goes "Minuuu!". The Pachirisu goes "Chipa Chipa!". The Emolga goes "Emo Emo!". And the Dedenne goes "Ne Ne!". Okay, I may not good at nursery ditties but you get the picture. They do sound too cute for electric types. If you're a drum majorette or a cheerleader, look away now or you'll be zapped like what happened on Brainiac Science Abuse. Ha ha ha...

Darn! These electric-type Pokemons are way too cute but if Pikachu wants to retain its highest superiority as the cutest electric-type Pokemon, Pikachu wishes that these would sit to the CUTE spot. Plusle, Minun, Pachirisu, Emolga, and Dedenne, you may stand next to Pichu. 

(audience laughing)

So...they're all sitting to the CUTE spot while Pikachu's in the top spot while Raichu's plummeted to the bottom spot of the CUTE WALL eh? Well, there goes to show that when it comes to cuteness over electric-types, there's no beating Pikachu. Hey, has anyone Pokemon-amie Pikachu on Pokemon X/Pokemon Y. I know that I just did.

Time for the recap!





So, with the CUTE WALL working well, check back next time to see which cute character will be labelled nakakagigil as my security blanket's still in my mouth, awaiting my verdict...

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