Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Cute Wall (Volume Two)

Now, the moment of truth is time because it's now time to do...THE CUTE WALL!

Yes, indeed. THE CUTE WALL. The wall where every cartoon character can be rated by how cute they are regardless of how my security blanket hardly explain while getting bitten by my lips...doing gibberish sounds. Speaking of which, who dares calling the boys from Free cute? Sorry, but they're not cute because they're just too darn cool and we don't deal with cool ones, fangirls, so...DEAL WITH IT.

You want a cute character? I'll give you one and while my lips are biting my security blanket, one cute character just popped in my head! Who's that cute character?! But before that, I have some loose ends to deal with. Ah, yes. Let's put characters that were in my HOW CUTE IS YOUR CHARACTER segment last year and I decided to put Adventure Time's BMO, Gravity Falls' Mabel Pines (ewww...why did I have to add her?), Hamtaro's Bijou, and The Fairly Oddparents' Poof to the NAKAKAGIGIL spot because between you and me...they're have their highest level of cuteness so...welcome to the exclusive club of cute characters! (laughing hysterically)

Also, I decided to put Mokona, Catbug, and Final Fantasy's Mog to the CUTE spot. I have to let them in the running for now so anyway, who's that cute character that popped in my head? Oh wait! I'll give you a clue...

"GRRR! Dine-saw!"

Peppa's little brother George

Yes! It's George! From Peppa Pig! Who would ever forget Peppa's cute little brother? Reason for his cuteness is his...well...crying because this is the only tone you'll hear when George's crying...

That's right. This is the only tone of crying you'll hear from Peppa's little brother but George's crying made me laugh because...let's admit it that his crying is HILARIOUS! No offense but because George's crying is so funny, someone made a techno remix out of it. (laughing)

So George, Peppa's little brother, you're going to...the NAKAKAGIGIL spot and's your Mr. Dinosaur. (imitates George) GRRR! Dine-saw!

Anyway, as I placed George to the Nakakagigil spot, another cute character popped into my head and it's...


Happy from The 7D? But why? Why do we have to consider Happy cute? Wait! Something's amiss...Probably because of his smile. His smile is so cute, I want to gigil him if he smile again. I also want to tickle his tummy or his beard because he's cute, I admit. Sorry Dopey, but Happy's too cute to be the cutest of The 7D so that's...a Nakakagigil spot reserved for him! (laughing)


Speaking of Dopey, however, I'm afraid you'll be the first in the NOT CUTE spot. (laughing) So sorry because Dopey's the only one who's always whistling. No offense but Dopey's not cute.


Oh wait! I forgot about Bashful! I also remember that Bashful's also cute but what made me puzzling is his looks. If you see Bashful by only his hat rather than his face, is that a frowny face? Nope...that's just his nose resembled of a frowny mouth. (laughing) Very comedic, huh? But still, if Bashful's cute...where should I put him? Nope. He's not in the SERIOUSLY NOT CUTE spot. He's not in the NAKAKAGIGIL spot neither. However, Bashful's going to the CUTE position. Enough said.


Ack! Who's that PokeMon?! Oh wait! I remember this one! It's from PokeMon XY! One of the starters! Chespin! Now I'm starting to think Chespin's a suitable cute character because of that cheeky smile of that little critter.

Chespin (Japanese-speaking people called this Harimaron) is one of the Kalos region starters for those who are playing Pokemon X or Pokemon Y for the very first time. Chespin's number 650. Chespin's a Spiny Nut Pokemon. The Kalos Pokedex states that Chespin's quills on its head are soft but when it flexes them, the points are sharp enough to pierce a rock.

In the anime series, Chespin joins alongside one of Ash's latest companions, Clemont, unknowingly the Lumiose Gym Leader, but I should better get going with this segment.

Reason to call Chespin cute because of its irresistible smile. I know, I already said that but when Chespin smiles with its mouth wide open, its true cuteness has the same equivalent as...let's say...Phineas from Phineas and Ferb!

A cute Chespin is a happy Chespin and for that, you get to sit next to Pikachu in the NAKAKAGIGIL spot! Woo-hoo!

Oh! Almost out of time! Guess that wraps up this edition of THE CUTE WALL! See you next time!

Time for the recap!




*Mabel Pines

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