Monday, August 18, 2014

Wow Mali! - August 17, 2014

Highlights on the August 17, 2014 episode of Wow Mali Lakas Ng Tama!

- KAPKAP NI KAP - Hold it right there sir, we're doing a cavity search...sort of...

- PAA-NO NA? - Yikes! Am I going to pedicure...the undead?!

- BAHAY NI BIG BRO - Housemates! Welcome to my house! If you want to win, you will have to do as I say or else you're evicted.

- A group of idiots called CALAMITY FUN are taking on a cheesy situation as they find out who gets the cheese...but instead, all they've touched were nothing but mousetraps! DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.

- EMOTE CONTROL: THE BOYS OF THE PHILIPPINES - On this episode's EMOTE CONTROL, celeb Shalala is tricking someone into auditioning to a new talent search show.

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