Monday, September 8, 2014

F1 2014: Italian GP

Lewis Hamilton's win at Monza surely give the Brit of the Mercedes F1 team a fighting chance after his teammate/rival Nico Rosberg caused a rare error while getting his grip against his colleague, leaving him on 2nd. That leaves Hamilton the victor of this 53-lap race, followed by Rosberg in 2nd place, and Felipe Massa of Williams placed 3rd. Racers who didn't make it were Ferrari's Fernando Alonso because of ERS malfunction, and Marussia's Max Chilton because of an accident.

In the driver's standings, Rosberg's still in the lead by 22 points ahead of Lewis Hamilton while Red Bull Racing rookie Daniel Ricciardo retains his 3rd spot at 166 points.

Next race is on Singapore on the 21st of September.

Image: Top Gear

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