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Gran Turismo 6: FT-1 Vision Gran Turismo

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Premiered at the Detroit Motor Show several months ago, the Toyota FT-1 Concept envisions the future of Toyota sports cars following with the success of the 86. I once compared with the final-gen Supra round Fuji Speedway and I strongly believed that with such speed and mobility, it was the suitable candidate as the next Supra or so I thought.

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We all love the FT-1 Concept but we are wondering what would this concept be like when it has some involvement in the world of motorsports. Thanks to Vision Gran Turismo, the folks from Toyota created a racing version of the FT-1 Concept.

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Here it is and by the looks of it, the FT-1 VGT looks more of a racing version of the said concept and because this is a racing version, it's only suitable for race-day use. It's kinda like a futuristic version of those Toyota Supra used on JGTC (Super GT) races in the past but this is no JGTC racer because while this maybe concept, the FT-1 VGT showcased Toyota's potential and passion in the world of motorsports.

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What the folks from CALTY, the design team responsible for the original Toyota FT-1 Concept from the Detroit Motor Show a couple of months ago, did is pushing their dream machine a step higher by giving their brilliant creation some more added spice. It's like combining the world's spiciest condiments and make it on par with a volcanic lava. This racecar isn't a spicy condiment nor a volcanic lava but when the FT-1 VGT shows its true potential as a race car in the world of Gran Turismo 6, it really shows how scorching this monster of a machine is.

That gave me an idea because while this car can be attainable on a time-limited special seasonal event held in Mount Panorama, Bathurst, let's take a moment to consider how I took the challenge and mastering the FT-1 VGT's true capabilities not as a concept racing machine but an ideal waiting to become the truth in the not-too-distant future.

Mount Panorama Motor Racing CircuitMount Panorama Motor Racing Circuit_1Mount Panorama Motor Racing Circuit_2Mount Panorama Motor Racing Circuit_3

Just like the normal FT-1, no one knows what powers the FT-1 VGT because this concept doesn't even have a proposed powertrain. In the game, it's a turbocharged one but this racing version is powered by a turbocharged-hybrid powerplant. I can't believe I've actually driven a hybrid that doesn't feel like the Toyota Prius but by GT6 standards, it would do 0-100kph by around 3.2 seconds (I think) and a top speed (I think) is around 340kph. I know this data is unofficial but believe me, it's one quick Toyota.

Apart from being a quick car, the mobility or handling is just epic. All that added aerodynamics on this car and the downforce thanks to the added fixed rear wing, this racing machine is always stuck on the ground and it really doesn't matter when you're not concentrating because this FT-1 VGT always entertain me like a Japanese game show where pain are involved rather than questions and answers. It's like I survived a Japanese game show...but only just.

The gold target time for this event is 2:02.000 but after numerous trial and error upon trying the FT-1 VGT, I got a hang of it and I set a lap time of 2:01.307, meaning I beat the Gold target time but only just.

Mount Panorama Motor Racing Circuit_4

Having managed to beat the target time, I am very pleased by what Toyota have done to give the future of Toyota's sports cars the racing credentials it deserved and this FT-1 VGT is their crowning prediction on what comes next to fulfill the Japanese carmaker's "FUN TO DRIVE AGAIN" slogan. It's been such an honor to get behind the wheel of the FT-1 Vision Gran Turismo.


There are still more VGT cars waiting to be unveiled on future updates. Stay tuned for more!

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