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Launched on the PS2, XBOX 360, and the Nintendo Gamecube on the 27th of November, 2003, R: RACING EVOLUTION is a little more than celebrating 20 years of Namco's racing games, which was started it all from Pole Position, Final Lap, Winning Run, Ridge Racer, and MotoGP. This game, for the first time, featured fully-licensed vehicles from all over the world spanning from tuner cars, classics, muscle cars, and racing machines. Yes, we did heard that XBOX versions had players trying out a Hummer H1 Open Top.

In the Racing Life mode, which served as the career mode of this game, players buckled themselves on the tale of Rena Hayami, a young woman who, after an accident, forced to leave her job as an ambulance driver and live her life as a racer for the G.V.I., with the help of Stefan Garnier.

At last, after over a decade of waiting, the original soundtrack for the memorable racing game has arrived and it features a total of 17 music tracks based on the game, including the game's theme song "Show The World", which was composed by Yu Miyake and vocals by Stephanie Cooke from King Street Sounds, the same lady who did the ending theme song from Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies, titled Blue Skies.

This music CD is perfect for those who still remembered this game a decade ago.


Disc 1:
1) Show the world (Short Version)
2) Select Screen1
3) Select Screen2
4) Deep Resonance
5) Liquid Soul
6) Mars Landing
7) Divas
8) Funk-A-Tronic
9) Rising

Disc 2:
1) T Minus Ten
2) Monte Carlo
3) Carmine
4) Boombox
5) Time Compression
6) Scene 15 BGM
8) Show the world

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