Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Cute Wall (Volume Three)

Now, the moment of truth is time because it's now time to do...THE CUTE WALL!

Yes, indeed. THE CUTE WALL. The wall where every cartoon character can be rated by how cute they are regardless of how my security blanket hardly explain while getting bitten by my lips...doing gibberish sounds.

First up, my security blanket discovered a cute character and it's... (making cute boing sounds)


Froakie! Yes! It's Froakie from Pokemon XY! I always mimicking the leaping sounds of Froakie because it sounds so cute and between you and me, I wonder what is like to lick a Froakie?

(audience laughing)

Licking a Froakie? Are you nuts? Frog-licking is considered illegal and gross. It's like that Family Guy episode when teenagers are getting into toad-licking and only Peter Griffin has to stop it.

Okay, maybe licking Froakie sounds gross but what about the part when Ash and the gang are saving a horde of Spewpas from a greedy smuggler? I saw Froakie raising its arms which is like...the three bears song from the Korean drama Full House.

Three bears?

Yes, the Full House three bears song! (singing the Full House three bears song in Korean)

(audience laughing)

Sorry, I can't understand that but that sounds childish to me.

So, what do you think, folks? Where should we put Froakie on the CUTE WALL, huh?

(audience murmuring)

Did I hear cute? Did I hear Nakakagigil? Well, I reckon Froakie should the CUTE position! Because Froakie is CUTE! Ha ha ha!

Okay, fine. Froakie's cute but not as cute as that Chespin we had a few weeks ago.


Check it out! It's another one of the Kalos starters from Pokemon XY TV show. Who's that PokeMon? It's Fennekin! Fennekin!

Fennekin's the yippin yappin type. It always yappin and yappin Delightful's dog Sir Yipsalot.

(audience laughing)

I think not, big guy. Fennekin never yaps and you know it. Besides, this Fennekin is Serena's and don't even dare about making your move against her beloved. So, I guess I should put this to CUTE.

Her beloved, eh? How about these for a change?

What are you doing? Hey! What are you doing with Mabel Pines?

Mabel Pines should go to the SERIOUSLY NOT CUTE because...she's as ugly as an Ugly Betty!

(audience laughing)

Hey! Mabel Pines took credit for last year. Don't you dare put her to the SERIOUSLY NOT CUTE position!

Too late! It's already done!

(audience laughing)

Oh yeah? How about...this?!



(audience laughing)

Yes! It's your beloved Harukasan! The one from Puchimas who keeps saying kaa-kaai!!! You know it's cute because...well, it's cute!

Don't you dare!

Yeah! Unless you put Mabel back to Nakakagigil, I'll force this little...umm...I don't know what's called but anyway, I'll put her to SERIOUSLY NOT CUTE.


What the?!

(audience laughing)

What did you do? Ahh!!! Why did I got another Harukasan in my hand?

You forgot about the thing that Harukasan multiplies herself when exposed with water!

Oh dear! I forgot about the memo! You win this round! Harukasan's in the, well, CUTE position. Can't believe I got messed up on this part.

(audience laughing)

I'll get you next time...But in the meantime...


Who the fudge is that?

It's Kwazii. Kwazii Cat from Octonauts. I think he's cute because he's in a cute show about a cute crew of Octonauts explore, rescue, and protect marine life.

Kwazii's not cute.


Look at him. He looks as rough as a pirate.

Well, he was once a pirate from his past but we don't want to talk about it.

But still, I don't want to consider Kwazii as cute so...gimme that...NOT CUTE. That's where Kwazii should be because he doesn't have qualities of being a cute character.

(audience laughing)


Oohhh! Look what I found in our favorite blanket. It's Stuffy, that accident-prone stuffed dragon from Doc McStuffins! What do you think, folks?

(audience murmuring)

Well, since I heard CUTE, might as well I'll put it anyway. Objections?

Uh...nope. I have no objections. Yes, Stuffy maybe an accident-prone stuffed dragon toy but that doesn't stop him for being a cute character appeared from a very cute show.

Well, I'm glad I agreed to what you said...just.

(audience laughing)

So...This concludes today's Cute Wall. See you next time, folks!

Time for the recap!

Mabel Pines




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