Monday, September 29, 2014

The Family Guy Simpsons Crossover episode

This is the first time I've ever witness two of Fox's hilarious animated comedies colliding with each other into one very special episode the whole world ever experienced since...well you know.

The Simpsons, one of the world's animated comedy greats that has been around for 25 years now, and Family Guy, even called a rip-off, it's Seth MacFarlane's biggest attempt to create a TV show that drives people crazy with its toilet humor, strong-ish language, sexual fantasies, and numerous references from other stuff. Now, what happens when they combine these two? The result, in all-out clash of two cartoon comedy greats showing who's boss, although there are a few trespassers popped out during this episode.

And yes, our dream of seeing Peter Griffin and Homer Simpson in a fistfight has finally came true. We've been waiting for this right moment to come in this special episode.

(sigh) I hope that's enough about that. One Family Guy Simpsons crossover is enough for us to satisfy our love for these shows.

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