Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The New Mini 5-door

A few months ago, the brand new F56 Mini has arrived and when I carefully investigated this machine, I concluded that while the new Mini maybe more of a Wumbo and the interior looks a bit all wrong judging by the trademark Mini center speedo is gone and the speedo is now centered on the driver's side rather than the center because this is where the radio is now located at, it's still worth a humble machine that will make you feel humbled at the end of the day. Now, for the first time, there's a brand new 5-door model that has the same stuff as the Mini but the added accessibility for your mates.

2015 Mini 5-door

Wait a minute. Did Mini already have a 5-door model called the Countryman? Yeah, they do had the Countryman and word from the mouth is that the upcoming Clubman will have its club door removed and replaced with a...is it 5 or a 6 door because I just notice two doors at the rear end. But anyway, this is by no means the most confusing trick done by the books from BMW since they've confused us with the 3-Series GT and the 4-Series GC for being the same cars. With the new 5-door Mini, could this be end of the Clubman? That question is denied because BMW's now currently working on the production model but you should remember that it has a bigger boot than the standard Mini. Don't forget it.

2015 Mini 5-door

Anyway, the new 5-door Mini, does it still act like its 3-door brother even though it has additional doors for accessibility? Well, for starters, the new 5-door Mini is BMW's answer to Audi's A1 Sportback but it feels more like a bloated F56 Mini or maybe its Chinese copycat from Lifan perhaps?

2015 Mini 5-door interior

2015 Mini 5-door interior
The new 5-door model extends the F56 Mini by 72mm in the wheelbase and 89mm in the rear overhang. The result is the added rear space fit enough to have your barkadas snuggle through the plush cabin and you're ready for a day out at the streets just for the fun of it. However, for that added dimension, the 5-door model adds 60kg of weight so performance figures have been cut. It feels like you've been intimidated at the first match and you felt weakened to fight but mobility wise, the added weight couldn't stop you from having fun not to mention the clever suspension system, the most responsive electric steering, and the use of the UKL1 platform like you get from the BMW 2-Series Active Tourer. Still, I'd like the Mini though because...it's a Mini! Who cares?

2015 Mini 5-door

Like the 3-door version, the new Mini 5-door can be offered with the entry-level One that comes with either a 1.3L petrol or a 1.5L diesel engine, a Mini Cooper that comes with either s 1.5L petrol engine or a 1.5L diesel engine, a Mini Cooper S that comes with the 2.0L petrol engine producing 192PS of power and 300Nm of torque, and the new Mini Cooper SD that comes with a 2.0L diesel engine developing 170PS of power and 360Nm of torque. Whichever Mini you'll be choosing, it's always going to be a good one and if by good, I mean wise.

For pricing, the new Mini 5-door starts at 18,350 Euros, almost a thousand more than the 3-door version and almost a thousand more than the Audi A1 Sportback, so should you buy one for yourself? Make your choice...

Photo: MINI

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