Sunday, September 7, 2014

Tropa Mo Ko Nice Di Ba?! - September 6, 2014

On the September 6, 2014 episode of Tropa Mo Ko Nice Di Ba?!:

- The Tropa Mo Ko guys showed their wild side on their "zoo gags".

- The tension continues to pour on ANG DALAWA'T KALAHATING MRS. REAL, place your guesses here.

- Two girls can't really write their names right in GANDUMB AND GANDUMBER.

- The crowd from UPHSD Las Pinas are taking on the PAMINTA 101 segment where the differences of a man, a beki, and a paminta are shown.

- MR. SABEEH solves your life dilemmas!

- Two girls can't get their bills smaller right in GANDUMB AND GANDUMBER!

- Tuesday Vargas settles the misconceptions of a shrimp!

- The BFF -BEST FAKE FRIENDS- are bragging about their weight losses!

- The GANDUMB AND GANDUMBER girls got confused about the washing machine!

- Your embarrassing feelings on embarrassing situations are examined.

- The GANDUMB AND GANDUMBER girls don't really know what "NO OUTSIDE FOOD ALLOWED" means!


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