Monday, September 8, 2014

Wow Mali! - September 7, 2014

On the September 7, 2014 episode of Wow Mali! Lakas Ng Tama!

- JEEPNOTISMO - This old lady knows the power of hypnotism to take control of everyone inside the jeepney!

- SULO MGA KAPATID! - Angry mob? No. A cult following thinking you're the leader!

- KAHAWA-HAWA KA? - Sorry, there's something on your eye...

- On this episode's MR. FU, KERI MO?, Mr. Fu asked a challenger to do tasks as the streak goes up!

- ISANG TANONG, ISANG HALIK - You deserve a thank you kiss, folks!

- AY! FIVE - Sorry, he's not going to hi-5 you. He's hi-5-ing someone!

- POGI POINTS: ISA KANG ZIP-ZIP - The boys are challenged to ask someone to zip their pants while they're holding ice cream! The loser gets to run outside with his boxers!

- DIAMOND PEEL NA FEEL - We're not sure if we want our faces peeled by a mad derma...

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