Sunday, October 12, 2014

Doctor Who S08E08

Doctor Who S08E08
The episode is titled Mummy on the Orient Express and this episode sees The Doctor and Clara taking a ride on the space-age version of the Orient Express until a mummy kills someone within 66 seconds and it's up to The Doctor to solve this life-threatening puzzle and put a stop to it. That episode gave us the 66 seconds of thrills...literally.

We just noticed that jazz singer Foxes made a guest appearance on this episode. She even done her version of the 1979 hit song from Queen titled Don't Stop Me Now.

Man, let's hope her version of that song would make it on the soundtrack next year. Anyway, how does she impressed on her special appearance in this episode?


This episode is more of a murder-mystery case set in the space-age version of Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express and if by Agatha Christie, The Doctor met her in the episode The Unicorn and the Wasp six years ago.

Also in that episode, The Doctor said something while facing off with the mummy. He said "are you my mummy?" and I swear I heard this one before. It was that phrase the gas-masked zombie said in one episode of the first series when Doctor Who revived 9 years ago.

Still, it was great for The Doctor to tell the truth to Clara about his reckless actions and we're glad that Clara is back to wanting to travel with the Doctor no matter what.

Anyway, here's the BTS for this episode:


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