Sunday, October 19, 2014

Doctor Who S08E09

Doctor Who S08E09

We got the chance to see a toughened-up Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman) on this episode where Clara takes The Doctor's place to investigate a mysterious menace hidden beneath the walls. She took his role temporarily because The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) is stuck in the TARDIS' shrinking dimension, that's why they're going to investigate the cause of this.

Still, we got to enjoy the tiny TARDIS in this episode. Seems to us that we do have a TARDIS toy in our collection somewhere. We also learned that the TARDIS has an emergency feature called Siege Mode. Siege Mode renders the TARDIS into a small cube when the power was cut off. It was very desperate but good thing, all the energy from those dimensional enemies, which The Doctor calls them The Boneless, got the TARDIS alive and kicking.

BTS from this episode:


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