Sunday, October 26, 2014

Doctor Who S08E10

Doctor Who S08E10

The London Jungle and how did the British capitol plagued with the forest's curse is the main story of this episode from Doctor Who titled "In the Forest of the Night" as The Doctor, Clara Oswald, Danny Pink, and a handful of students are finding out the cause of this. To make things worse, there's a massive solar flare going to engulf the world within a few moments. When The Doctor revealed that the trees saved the world from catastrophes, they're taking advantage of the overgrown forests as a protection against the imminent solar flare. After that, the world is back to the way things were. Now that we learned that trees will one day save us from imminent catastrophes, a good moral lesson to all the tree-huggers out there.

BTS from this episode:


This is it! Part 1 of the Series 8 finale! See you next week!

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