Friday, October 24, 2014

Forza Horizon 2 - Barn Find #02: VW Type 2 De Luxe

There is a second barn find rumor lurking around the Horizon Festival and the barn find in question is an abandoned VW Type 2 De Luxe, otherwise known as the Kombi, the Bus, the Transporter or my personal favorite, the Sambabus. We like to call it "Sambabus" because it sounds very catchy for the V-dub classic.


The barn find is located within the forests of Montellino. It took a lot of time to navigate through the wilderness and it is found that the barn find is located over 500 yards away from the North Montellino Speed Trap. I've sent my barn find car, the Alpine A110, as a recon to find the VW Bus hidden from the forests of Montellino. What an awesome attempt, a barn find car is finding a fellow barn find car. It's like a soldier rescuing his colleagues in need. A car in help is a car in need.


Several minutes later, the Sambabus has been reborn and while it may not be the quickest one around, it's certainly is a road trip material. Just driving in one of these makes me feel like a hippie again. They think I'm the kind of person who always shouting everyone's causes and spread the word to the world. Yes, that's one heck of a hippie car but the Sambabus has an incredible history as one of the oldest machines in its existence and after VW do Brasil, the Brazilian division that kept building the classic Type 2 Kombi, stopped producing one in December of last year, the Bus lasted for 64 years, that's more than your soccer mom's van! It's a good thing this car fulfilled its bucket list to making Kombi owners and enthusiasts' wishes come true.

I believe the Type 2 V-Dub is a pretty enjoyable car to drive despite being a slow one and when it comes to art, it really shines out to bring creative people some interesting artwork for the Type 2 to show it to the world. You can make eye-catching designs on the Type 2 and share your love of Type 2 Kombis with other FH2 players. Isn't it nice?

Now, will you excuse me, I got a Road Trip Award Party to attend to...and oh, I'll be using this Type 2 Kombi for the road trip. Don't ask why but this will be a fun one for the fun-sized MPV.

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