Thursday, October 30, 2014

Forza Horizon 2 - Barn Find #04: Ferrari GTO


Now this is what my big plans for the Willys Jeep looks like. I decided to turn the vintage jeep into something more reminiscent of the Filipino equivalent of hot rods that were built in the shed; an owner type jeep. Like hot rods, owner-type jeeps were made from the shed and apart from the steel bodywork they've made, they're using old parts from old cars, mostly sedans, hatchbacks, or whatever. Although while owner-type jeeps look like offroaders, they feel like cars and they don't do off-roads unless if necessary.

Well, there's more to it than that, anyway, want to show how it's made? Huh? What's this? I've picked up a BARN FIND RUMOR? Involving an abandoned Ferrari 288 GTO?


The barn find in question was marked between San Giovanni and Montellino, my next stop for the Horizon Festival, and after venturing through the forest full of trees, I have discovered that the 288 GTO barn find is just 3.6 miles from the Horizon Festival. Just like the rest of the barn finds discovered (so far, it's been three barn finds discovered), if you found it, wait for a couple of minutes or hours until you get the notification that the 288 GTO's restored and then rush to the nearest hub to claim it.


Such a timeless supercar, isn't it? Anyway, the GTO name, derived from the legendary 250 GTO Le Mans racer, was used for Ferrari's berlinetta that was produced from 1984 to 1985 with a total of 272 units produced. Originally, that car was used to compete in the Group B Race series but when they found out that Group B racing was ceased to exist, it never got a chance to race one and as a matter of fact, all 272 cars are made to be road-legal. It was powered by a 2.9L turbocharged V8 engine that produces 395HP of power and 366lb-ft of torque. It's 0-60 was in the upper 4-second range and flat-out, it can do 189mph. It may not be as quick as the legendary F40, the first supercar in the world to break the 200mph barrier, but it's still an impressive car to drive if you're in the mood for savoring that Ferrari nostalgia you've been longing for since...the beginning of time probably.

Speaking of impressive, the road trip to Montellino's on and it's time for me to use that barn find I've recently discovered. See you later!

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