Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Forza Horizon 2: Challenge Stradale accepts the challenge


This is no ordinary Ferrari 360 because this is the 360 Challenge Stradale, a hardcore version of the 360 Modena that weighs less and more aerodynamic than the normal 360 because of carbon fiber door panels, removed carpets, carbon ceramic brakes, titanium wheel bolts, dual rear floor with F1-inspired flows, slightly longer nose, slightly modified sills, slightly necked boot and the rear is higher than the front. The 3.6L engine that powers it is raised to 425BHP, resulting to a 0-60mph time of four seconds.


I won this car from my first showcase event on Forza Horizon 2. It was the one where I have to race against an aerobatic squadron in the open roads of Castelleto. It was a close one but I'm glad I got my hands on this hardcore 360 that is pre-tuned to take on the next championship. I've even got the chance to use it on the road trip to Nice, France.


The 360 Challenge Stradale maybe old but it still work very well in the Southern European landscape in Forza Horizon 2 and I spent several hours showing its true capabilities as a full-blooded Ferrari by taking part in championship events suitable for its kind as a Modern Supercar but first, the 360CS needs to be dressed for the occasion...


Its make-up transformation is done...well sort of. The 360 Challenge Stradale is now ready for the event and notice this shiny gray paint on the outside, it gives out that luster and a more dramatic feel to my Challenge Stradale. I've even added some black stripes to give out that contrast. If I have time for evaluation, looks like my Challenge Stradale looks dramatic enough to cruise around the roads of Southern Europe and for racing, it wants to play rough like most cars do here.

Speaking of play rough, the 360CS is ready to take on the championship it was assigned to and it's time to show how the 360CS can do like an ace!

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