Monday, October 13, 2014

Forza Horizon 2: Fiesta ST at work


The Fiesta ST is one of the all-time greats from Ford and since it was introduced in North America last year, it garnered a new set of fans because of its nimble performance that a hot hatch should have and its EcoBoost engine that delivers a nippy power output that can get you through like a can of IRN BRU. If I have an evaluation, the Fiesta ST is definitely one of the latest hot hatches that won my heart not only because it's much more affordable than its big brother, the Focus ST, but it's because it's much more enjoyable to own than the other hot hatches no matter how powerful, how mobile, or how stylish they really are.


Like what Richard Hammond from Top Gear said, the Fiesta ST is simply brilliant and this car still remembers the key mantra of a hot hatch; it's not just what it does, it's how it makes you feel while it's doing it. That's sound good but because of the Fiesta's involvement in the world of rallying, not to mention Ken Block's usage for his Hoonigan mischief, it was labeled as a "Modern Rally" machine for all the wrong reasons but that's okay though because when I took it off the road, the Fiesta ST really is like a rally car in its own right...well, minus the rally part but never mind about that. You can be a Hoonigan a la Ken Block in this car if you have the right resources to make one out of it for a living. It may not be well capable enough to crush high-powered aggressors but this car always have the last laugh from its opposition. You never know how slippy this car can be if you have a nasty plot to take use of endless shortcuts provided in this beautiful Southern European scenery.

Speaking of which, it's time for a road trip to Sisteron and in order for the Fiesta to be fully prepared for the trip, extensive improvements have been done as well as some makeovers.


Yes. This is my Fiesta ST in FH2 after some extensive improvements on its performance as well as spending numerous man hours giving the Fiesta ST the makeover it truly deserve. Looks beautiful, eh? When players come seeing this in a car meet, they'll think I'm something special not to mention the extensive vinyl dressings on my Fiesta. I gave it some sponsorships, its racing numbers, and its very own UK plate number for individuality.

And yes, time to hit the road. See you in Sisteron!


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