Sunday, October 12, 2014

Forza Horizon 2: Huracan Warning


With the 5.2L V10 engine developing 602HP of power, top speed of 202mph, 0-60mph in three seconds, all-wheel drive, and dual-clutch transmission, the Lamborghini Huracan is the replacement of the Gallardo and it's named after a Mayan god, Spanish word for hurricane, or one of the famed bulls...and it's arrived in style on Forza Horizon 2 as the hero car of the game! We have gotten the chance to try out Lamborghini's latest creation on the Southern European landscape and we never felt so alive while spending precious amounts of time with this newborn supercar.


I have fell in love with the Huracan since the first time I drive this car on Forza Horizon 2 and for this car, it looks like it treated Southern Europe as its personal playground or a baby dome for some reason because we love to toy around numerous roads for days. If I want to evaluate the Huracan, I took part on a special monthly rival event called the Huracan Warning where we have to set the fastest time possible in a sprint run using none other than the car itself.

By my evaluation, the Huracan is one heck of a bewildering machine to drive and the sound of the 5.2L V10 engine sounds the same as the days of the Gallardo. Sounds sinister but it is glorious because there are only a few surviving machines using that V10 engine at this moment in time but because that V10 sounds more ancient, the Huracan really got what it takes to be a legend if we follow our hearts to achieve our goals in Horizon 2. Handling-wise, the all-wheel drive system keeps the Huracan well-balanced on different roads no matter what weather will hit us at it and it feels a lot more stable as well. However, there are some understeer issues faced with this machine but no matter, this newborn V10 Lambo risen from the ashes of the Gallardo is one heck of a Ridge Racer in all the right moves...minus the Ridge Racer part that I said because the Huracan is a real-world car we love to drive in the virtual fantasy world of FH2.


The Huracan really melts our hearts made of iron filings like a pack of Magnolia Quickmelt and a simple Quickfire recipe as seen on TV and metaphorically, it's like putting a Quickmelt on a Quickfire and that one really appeals to the larger crowd like hotcakes. Delicious...


No matter how many times I drove with the Huracan, this Lambo never fails to impress me. Driving one of these feels like I haven't slept in days and I've never felt so alive and intense while behind the wheel. My senses are now as sharp as knives and the Huracan really is as sharp as a rapier wielded by a marksman who is skilled in countless battles.

With the Huracan in FH2, facing off with this machine is like opening a new chapter for all things to come in Forza Horizon 2 and with the car and driver's hearts as one, it's like a whole new love story petrolheads looking forward to as they continue their quest to the Horizon Finale.

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