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HALLOWEEN 2014: What should you be wearing for Halloween?

Halloween is here and so many people are getting into the Halloween spirit by, nope, not just candies, but getting their inner character on. Yes, people are dressing as their favorite characters no matter how old they are. You see that's what we love about Halloween because we can be who we want to be.

Because of so many choices, it's time for me to narrow down (sort of) some of the ideal characters you want to dress for Halloween if you want to stand out from the rest...


Even today, kids love to dress as their favorite cartoon characters and most shops are offering kids' costumes to dress up with but what to dress as is everyone's guess and I'm listing the recommendations on what to wear for the kids this Halloween:

- Disney characters from the past, present, and future has always been every little boy or girl's favorite for Halloween season. For the boys, the best Disney characters they want to wear are Woody or Buzz from the Toy Story trilogy films, Peter Pan, Captain Hook, Aladdin, the seven dwarves from Snow White, Mr. Incredible, Dash, there are so many Disney characters to be for the little boys but because we're in the 10's (that's a decade for 2010's) and now it's 2014, best to dress as this decade's Disney characters such as Dipper Pines from Gravity Falls, Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates, oh, and The 7D. What? You know nothing about The 7D? The new show as seen on Disney XD?! Here's what The 7D looks like if you haven't seen one...

The 7D

These are The 7D: Sleepy, Sneezy, Happy, Dopey, Bashful, Doc, and Grumpy. Think you can dress as one of the 7D? Come on, give it a try. It takes creativity and some shopping from thrift stores to pull one off. Oh and you're planning to have your kid dress as The 7D's Grumpy, make sure you bought a plastic flower pot from the Home Depot. Yes, they look like flower pots but they're unbreakable even when you fall it from a height. It may sound ridiculous but it's what you need to give your kid a Grumpy look.

I almost forgot, are you guys planning to watch the upcoming Disney movie, Big Hero 6, next month? Well, if you have a kid who's chubby, that would be just the perfect bet to turn him into Baymax for Halloween? Hmmm? Don't know Baymax? Time to relook at that trailer:

See that big white character that looked like the Michelin Man? That's Baymax. Sorry if I had to say that but it takes a white fat suit and some mascot trickery to have little chubby kids be like Baymax from the upcoming Big Hero 6 film. Even without the armor main character Hiro Hamada made for him, it still looks good to dress as Baymax.

As for the girls, Disney Princesses are what every little girl wants to be; Snow White, Aurora from Sleeping Beauty, Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Pocahontas, Jasmine from Aladdin, Ariel from The Little Mermaid, Mulan, Tiana from The Princess and The Frog, Rapunzel from Tangled, and Merida from Brave. That sounds good for the girls but for today's climate, with the success of Disney Junior TV show Sofia the First and last year's Disney movie Frozen, most little girls are ready to be either Sofia, Princess Anna, or Queen Elsa for Halloween. Speaking of the upcoming Big Hero 6 movie, how about telling your little girls to dress as Gogo Tomago and Honey Lemon this Halloween? I know they're too tricky to pull one off but if you have good creativity skills turning your little girls into one of the heroines from the upcoming movie. Yeah, sounds great and if most of the kids fully dressed as the Big Hero 6, trick-or-treating never felt so super.

Aside from that, little girls can dress as other Disney characters such as Doc McStuffins, Sheriff Callie, Nina from the Nina Needs To Go shorts, Mabel Pines from Gravity Falls,

- The 2014 live action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles may have the most ugliest rendition of the Ninja Turtles but that doesn't stop them to garner some Turtle fans into watching this film, especially when we laugh at Mikey's pop culture references. Good thing some toy stores are offering costumes inspired from the 2014 movie and if you want your kids to dress as one of the Turtles; from the leader Leonardo, hotheaded Raphael, geeky Donatello, and the fun-loving Michelangelo, that's your call. Still, Michelangelo's my favorite because I watched that film last summer and I laughed at his lines. Now I know how I felt upon watching my favorite childhood heroes reloaded.

- Marvel superheroes are every little boys' dream to become one for Halloween. From The Avengers, X-MEN, to Spider-Man, whichever Marvel superhero you want is all up for the little boys but that doesn't stop there because with the arrival of Guardians of the Galaxy, there's no shortage of choice which Marvel hero will be. If you haven't see Guardians of the Galaxy, here's the movie that will serve as your inspiration for the little boys to be one of them...except for Gamora because she's female and little girls can be Gamora.

Guardians of the Galaxy
Like I said, little girls can be Gamora but the boys can be either Star-Lord, Rocket, Drax, or Groot. Well, the first three was fine but for Groot, it's going to be difficult to have your little boy dress as that hulking tree-like creature but you can try that yourself. Gosh...I have a super strange feeling that Guardians' Groot looks the same as Pokemon XY's Trevenant. Get it? Because they both look like trees. He he he...

- Adventure Time may have been with us for four years but this hit cartoon is still doing the rounds for our little kids with some more surprises. Because of Jake the Dog's power to change into things, finding some Jake the Dog-related merchandises is a lot easy especially the Jake suit. Yes, everyone wants to be Jake but they can feel free to dress as main character Finn the Human (or Fionna the Human girl if you have a little girl), Ice King, Marcy, or PB. Word of warning though, Lady Rainicorn and LSP are extremely impossible (due to LR's long body and LSP's...well globby looks and levitation). As for BMO, it takes a cardboard box and some art to pull one off so your kid can be a BMO.

- The DC Universe remains a very popular choice for the little ones. Kids can be either Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, Cyborg, The Flash, or any other heroes from the DC Universe.  Feel free to choose which DC hero or villain your kid can be for Halloween.

- The Transformers also remains one of the most popular choice for the kids and thanks to the Age of Extinction film, looks like they still got the touch. Those trick-or-treaters are going to be one of the Autobots or the menacing Dinobots from the movie but I prefer seeing little kids dressed as Optimus Prime or Bumblebee for Halloween. Well, Bumblebee's still my pick because he's a Chevy Camaro and he's cool even with his new look.


Kids dress as cartoon characters for trick-or-treating purposes. We, adults, dress costumes for fun especially when they are going out to the party. In the case of "Everyone let's have fun here", we're all free to be who we are but for me, there are some ideal suggestions on who are you going to be on Halloween.

- Vampire Fashion. No need to be the king of vampires like Dracula and because vampires are so hot thanks to Twilight and Vampire Diaries, the ideal vampire fashion is all gothic and dark. That's right, gothic and dark. The looks that inspired a blood-sucking immortal.

- Because of The Walking Dead and other zombie movies in history, zombies are all the rage and if you are planning to dress as the flesh-munching undead for the party, have enough make-up and some ragged clothes to wear because...that's how zombies look like; wearing ragged clothing with some blood spills, creepy-looking faces, and a scary stance that is a proof of being a flesh muncher.

- Science Fiction is what all geeks and nerds know about and for Halloween, nerds and geeks of all kinds are glad to be either from Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who, and any other forms of sci-fi we all know about. Since this is 2014, I'd expect some people will turn up as one of the characters from Star Wars Rebels (except Chopper because he's a robot and we're too small to be like Chopper) or the 12th Doctor from Doctor Who. For those who want to be the 12th Doctor, take a look at what he's wearing:

12th Doctor

Notice the coat he wore. It has some red inner sides while his coat's exterior remains much darker for you to see. It's going to take a lot of luck to find his coat (or some old man's toupee to complete the look)...but if you managed to find it, dressing as the 12th Doctor is no slouch, got it? Also be advised that the Daleks and the TARDIS are extremely impossible to cosplay as and if I say "impossible", I really mean it because it takes some metal (or polystyrene) to create a Dalek replica and insert yourself on it a la Metal Gear's cardboard box, even going on the party as the TARDIS. Heh, good luck going to the party as a Dalek or the TARDIS. They won't see your faces...

- Like what kids do, we can always feel free to dress as a Disney character from the past, present, and the future. For today, I personally recommend dressing as this decade's Disney characters; say Frozen, The 7D, Big Hero 6, Gravity Falls, you name the rest but it's your call. I suspect that in the case of Big Hero 6, one of your pals is chubby enough to cosplay as Baymax. He he he...

- Superheroes. You'll name them, you'll be them. Whether if its from Marvel or from the DC Universe, it doesn't really matter.

- Some people will be wearing as their favorite anime heroes and villains so whether if its Naruto, One Piece, Dragon Ball, SAO, Attack on Titan, or any other anime otakus know, you are always more than welcome. Parties are getting used to those anime otakus nowadays. 

- As for video game characters, well I'd recommend dressing as one of the characters from this year's hottest games such as Destiny, Infamous Second Son, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, The Evil Within, Sunset Overdrive, Lords of Shadow 2, Tomodachi Life, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, Titanfall, and so much more. Those hardcore gamers really know how to get their game on, even at the outside world dressed as a video game character.

- We love cosplaying as one of the Pokemon characters and while in the age of XY, Pokemon XY that is (from the Pokemon X and Pokemon Y games and the Pokemon the Series XY TV show), I'd recommend cosplaying as one of the characters from this generation. From the main characters, the Kalos Gym Leaders, those Team Flare baddies, the allies (Shauna, Tierno, and Trevor), Professor Sycamore, the Kalos Elite Four, even the Kalos Champion Diantha as well. As for the Pokemon...oh jeez...remember the whole "impossible to cosplay" part? Remember the "mascot trickery"? Some people never learned...and they'll just dress as their favorite Pokemon anyway...even the four-legged ones. Come on...we only have two legs so if you're going to dress as a Pokemon, you have to act like one and if you're dressing as four-legged Pokemons (say Sylveon, Xerneas), you'll gonna have to move on all fours, which is very exhausting...

With the upcoming Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, might as well take the time to dress as one of the Hoenn region characters for a change?

I guess I'll just stop here. Feel free to dress whichever character you want to be and have a happy halloween, folks!

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