Saturday, October 25, 2014


The battle between truth and lies comes into fruition in the final episode of ABS-CBN's most-talked TV drama, Ikaw Lamang.

Shortly after Natalia (KC Concepcion) was rescued by Isabel (Amy Austria-Ventura), the mother that Franco separated them before the blast 20 years ago, Gabriel Hidalgo (Coco Martin), the son of Samuel Hidalgo, who was killed by Franco Hidalgo (Christopher de Leon), his mortal enemy, is on the run to save Andrea (Kim Chiu) from Franco's clutches. 

When Gabriel was caught by his men, he was beaten up while Andrea tries to stop Franco but if it's time for the final kill, Gabriel escaped through the waters and risen.

Gabriel has saved Andrea, Andrea rushes to safety, and he's taking on Franco for one last battle, a decisive battle that will determine the fate. The battle ends with Franco ruptured by a crane after the fall. Gabriel survived by grabbing an edge and he won. Gabriel rushed to Andrea and Calisto (Nonie Burncamino), the person Samuel trusted several years ago, and told that it's over. Justice is served.

The story ends with Gabriel and Andrea getting married and several moments later...they met at the place where Samuel and Isabel met when they were young. Everything ends but memories never fade away. This concludes the story of Ikaw Lamang.

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