Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Let's Do The News! (October 29, 2014)

The big scoop today...

- Just when they thought they had a very successful liftoff but it ended in a catastrophic failure. The 14-story autonomous Orbital Sciences supply rocket Antares, contracted by nasa to deliver supplies to the International Space Station, exploded seconds after its launch.

- Ultranationalist cyberactivists are threatening against the village of Sarufutsu over a memorial where 80 Korean laborers died of abuse and malnutrition while building an airfield at the behest of the Japanese military during World War II. It looks like Japan's war crimes from WWII are still lurking around. You might remember that last year, Prime Minister Abe visited the Yasukuni Shrine, a shrine where Japanese soldiers who fought during the war were remembered, especially the war criminals, and stirred outrage from neighboring countries.

- As this year's Undas is fast approaching, Makati City will be one of the cities from the Philippines to suspend number coding on the 31st of October while re-routing and road closures are expected.

- While we're anticipating for the upcoming Age of Ultron movie, Marvel announced a third Avengers movie called the Infinity War and it gets better because it will be a two-parter with the first part slated for 2018 release. This is part of the planned 11 Marvel films set to screen in the coming years.

- The seventh Fast and Furious movie is named and it will be called Furious 7.

- Nissan will showcase the Kicks Concept at this year's Sao Paulo Motor Show, hinting at an upcoming Brazil-exclusive model in the future.

Nissan Kicks Concept

- IS THIS THE NEXT FIAT STRADA? Fiat will showcase the FCC4 Concept at this year's Sao Paulo Motor Show also...

Fiat FCC4 Concept

- Wave goodbye to the Audi R8 as for the upcoming 2014 LA Auto Show, they'll be showcasing a final edition before an all new model arrives soon. Called the R8 Competition, the final edition features some racecar-inspired exterior cues while using the R8 V10 Plus as its base. Sadly, it's for USA only and limited to 60 units. Bummer...

Audi R8 Competition


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