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Lexus RC (C10)

2015 Lexus RC

This is Lexus' attempt to take on the A5, 4-Series, and the ATS Coupe and it's called the RC. And if by RC, it kinda sounds like that RC Cola machine we don't really want because like one time you think there's a Coca-Cola machine but turned out it was just a mirage. It's just an RC Cola machine. 

So, before talking about the RC, let's take a look back on the Z30-spec Toyota Soarer, a car that was known worldwide as the first Lexus SC. You see, the Z30-spec Soarer is a good car for a start. You might think this is more of a Supra in fancy clothes and yes it is because speedo boys love to spent a boatload of cash into customizing it, that's why that particular Soarer is a true driver's car because of its fun to drive character right until the Z40-spec Soarer showed up and its reputation ruined.

2015 Lexus RC

What Lexus wanted to have is to capture the spirit of the Z30-spec Toyota Soarer while adapting to today's climate that most drivers currently live in but the main question is, does the new RC feel like the Z30 Soarer? Let's see...

The Lexus RC starts at 5,650,000 Japanese Yen and what you'll get is either a 3.5L V6 engine mated with an 8-speed automatic gearbox or a 2.5L 4-cylinder engine connected to an electric motor and a nickel metal battery while mated with a CVT gearbox. Whichever variant you'll choose, you can opt for an F-Sport model which comes with Lexus Dynamic Handling System, stiffer suspension system, improved brakes, and so much more. If I had a choice, I would always want to go for the V6 model with the F-Sport on it because driving one of these feels like the Soarers of the 90's or so I thought.

2015 Lexus RC

When you're using F-Sport models of the GS and IS for further inspiration, you will notice that the RC is much more like these 4-door Lexus cars in such getup. It's like a trio of male vocals trying to start a boyband to woo the audience with their serenading tunes but this is not made for serenading people, the RC tries to feel like the SC but all those technological gizmos lurking beneath its striking looks can be bothersome even for a novice. For instance, when you engage Sport + on the Drive Mode Selector, it makes the car less comfortable to drive but more sharper to handle in the bends just like what you expect on those Lexus sedans.

It maybe more wonderful to drive and more enjoyable than the daft Lexus SC but when compared against the German aggressors, the Lexus RC is a bit of a low-level threat because the Germans employed the best arsenal to keep themselves faster, smarter, and stronger while the Japanese still focus on making boring cars more boring...a contrast to Tokyo's vibrant energy as a fun city filled with everything an otaku wants. To make things worse, there's a heavier and slower hybrid model which uses the same 2.5L 4-cylinder engine from the Toyota Crown and Lexus IS relatives while connected to an electric motor and a nickel metal battery. While the fuel economy of 23.2kmpl for a two-door coupe is good, the performance figures are a contrast to the RC's sporty looks. It's like when a guy dressed smartly to school but ended up failing with bad grades. What a pitiful sight and this is like a scenario when you think there's a Dr. Pepper vending machine, you're rushing for it but found out it was a mirage...and it's just an RC Cola machine. Get it now?

2015 Lexus RC interior

2015 Lexus RC interior

While the RC may not be the sharpest car to drive at, the interior is highly questionable in the eyes of a connoisseur. Sure, it was carried over from the IS but there's a sneaking suspicion that this is their new uniform interior for Lexus, much like what BMW and Cadillac did when they employ the same interior in different models over and over again but hey, you don't want to swallow that.

Time now for an evaluation: I was hoping for the RC to be the modern-day version of the Z30-spec Toyota Soarer from the 90's and made to look at luxury coupes in a whole new day but it isn't. It maybe sporty to drive and exciting to look at but in the game of softdrinks, they're treating it like an underdog to their game. Although it maybe new but one day, just like that volleyball team representing RC Cola at the SuperLiga Grand Prix, it will triumph against all odds but count me out on this. No one likes a bottle of RC Cola at this time. (sigh)

Available Colors: White Nova Glass Flake, White Pearl Crystal Shine, Platinum Silver Metallic, Sonic Titanium, Mercury Gray Mica, Black, Starlight Black Glass Flake, Radiant Red Contrast Layering, Lava Orange Crystal Shine, and Heat Blue Contrast Layering.

Photo: Toyota Motor Corporation

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