Saturday, October 25, 2014

Top Gear USA: Appalachian Trail

The season finale sees the boys of Top Gear USA taking on an epic adventure to the Appalachian Trail and they only have 24 hours to get through the entire length of the trail...using second-hand cars they've spent five grand on. Tanner has a Mitsubishi Montero SUV (that's the 3rd-generation Pajero to us), Adam has a last-gen Jaguar XJR, and Rut goes for the old Mercedes CL55 grand tourer.

There are some crazy moments occurred during the Appalachian road trip such as Adam summoning a gondola to lift his Jag, cattle encounters in Vermont, the whole Rut Needs To Go part on the road, Tanner wrecking a Saab for a tire change, a race to the train, and Tanner summoned a help from the RV driver to take him and his Montero for a lift.

With a few hours left, the boys gave it all they had to cross the end of the Appalachian Trail and at Trail's end, Adam and Rut made it while Tanner arrived several minutes later.

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