Saturday, October 11, 2014

Top Gear USA: Need For Speed

The boys of Top Gear USA are back and on that episode, they're taking on the fastest roads in Germany and if they're ready, they're prepared to take on the Nurburgring, the ultimate racetrack most challenging racers take on over the years. For Tanner, he's armed with the VW Golf VII R while for Rut, he's armed with the Porsche 911 991 Carrera 4S, and for Adam, he's fully armed with the brand new Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4. Mind you, Tanner has a 4WD car with the engine with the front while Rut has a four-wheel drive car with the engine at the back, and Adam's got a 4WD car with the engine in the middle. It's all-and-all in their German road trip to Nurburgring.

First up, it's the drag race and since Tanner's got a hatch by mistake, he's got a disadvantage against his co-hosts' sportscars and even a jumpstart won't help it because...Adam and the Huracan nailed them both. Period.

Next, the boys are taking on the Autobahn, a German highway where no speed limits are present and they can go as fast as they can until they will face traffic. Tanner and his Golf R done it in 150mph while Adam and the Lambo done it in a quicker 175mph, and Rut in a Porsche done it in 143mph.

Meanwhile, the boys are racing through a church from an old German town and whoever gets there the fastest wins. Even though these cars have their own trump cards on their side, getting through the tight streets is a challenge. After miles of navigating through the town, the Rut in the Porsche made it first.

Because Tanner hadn't won anything in this episode, he lured them to the parking lot for the handling test but with added twist: a slalom test while avoiding big cans of beer. This test demonstrates the VW Golf R's handling capabilities but for the other two...this is going to be one-sided. Still, the Porsche 911 C4S done it barely.

And now, the boys are on their way to the Nurburgring, their big petrolhead dream come true, but for Tanner's he's going to swap his Golf for something race-prepped for the Nurburgring a form of a race-spec version of the Golf VI! He's not giving up without a fight!

He's going to set a benchmark time at the Ring and then...have Adam and Rut beat it with their sportscars! Even though the Huracan and the 911 C4S gave it everything they've got, it was one heck of an experience to have themselves in the Ring.

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