Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Toys R Us pulling out Breaking Bad toys

Toys R Us pulling out Breaking Bad toys

Breaking Bad may have ended long ago but that Heisenberg fever still rages on even with its upcoming spin-off featuring Saul is on the works right now. I can't even believe that the phenomenal TV show that ended last year spawned an array of toys and other merch to keep that Heisenberg spirit alive.

Annoyingly, some mother from Florida complained about a sale of Breaking Bad figures on America's popular toy store Toys R Us, especially the Walter White toy with a detachable sake of cash and a bag of meth. She made a petition that demand Toys R Us to remove all Breaking Bad toys from the store and on their website. She thinks that such toys are a dangerous deviation from family friendly values and as of now, her petition grew to about 8,000 signatures.

Bryan Cranston, the actor who played Walter White in the hit TV series, tweeted this message in response to the Florida mom demanding the removal of Breaking Bad toys from Toys R Us.. There are some adult figure collectors joining in the fray as some guy in California staged a counterattack petition to keep those Breaking Bad toys and as of now, 3,000 signatures were collected.

Gosh...figures from violent TV shows, even the ones ended long ago...why would they want to sell it on a toy store full of kids stuff? Isn't that a little too absurd?

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